SogoTrade believes in providing an exceptional overall user experience for our clients. SogoTrade is also committed to providing transparency so you can see the speed and reliability of our website at any given time. This is why we’ve launched our new SogoTrade Website Performance Monitoring Dashboard.

Sometimes outages are preventable and other times they are beyond our control. We take great pride in ensuring all preventable outages are, in fact, prevented. While our trading site is up and running at peak performance nearly all of the time, an unexpected outage could occur. You now have access to know about any such outages and downtime.

Visit this page at any time to see the performance, reliability and speed of SogoTrade’s trading websites! Now you will know instantly that the trading site is performing quickly for your trades. This will save you time from having to contact customer service with any questions.

    Our Mission

  • At SogoTrade, we aim to decrease your risk while lowering your cost and maximizing your return. We seek to offer you the same product at a better price or a better product at the same price.
  • Review our background on FINRA's BrokerCheck.

Contact Information

  • Nationwide Call Center
  •  US: 1-888-709-7646
  •  Outside US: 1-646-885-6594
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  • Monday - Friday
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