Business Continuity Plan Statement

Pursuant to FINRA Rule 4370, SogoTrade is committed to providing our clients with secure and reliable access to their accounts. SogoTrade has developed a business continuity plan that will activate in the event of a significant business disruption (“SBD”) such as a natural disaster, power outage, terrorism, inadvertent catastrophic mistakes, or other event. SogoTrade has engineered redundancy into its critical systems to permit a rapid recovery in the event of an SBD.

Our Business Continuity Plan – Our business continuity plan is designed to recover critical business operations as quickly as possible, relative to the scope and severity of the disruption. The plan seeks to ensure the safety of SogoTrade employees and property, the protection of our books and records, and the security and accessibility of customer assets. SogoTrade regularly backs up our systems to help ensure a swift recovery in the event of an SBD.

Our clearing firm, Apex Clearing Corporation (“Apex”) performs clearing services and maintains custody of your funds and securities. If an SBD affects SogoTrade’s ability to display account information or receive and route orders, we may work directly with Apex to route orders, provide account information, and perform other services.

Communications with Customers – SogoTrade retains multiple forms of communication that may be used during an SBD. You may contact us at 1-888-709-7646 or 1-646-885-6594, by email at [email protected], through our live chat system at, or by contacting us on social media. If our primary contact methods are affected by an SBD, SogoTrade may use backup communications, including posting a message to our website, social media, or utilizing alternative communication methods. If you cannot contact us, you may contact Apex, our clearing firm, at Apex’s Individual Investor Contact Page.

Varying Disruptions – SBDs can vary in scope, potentially affecting a single business, a building, business district, a city, or an entire region. Within these areas, the severity of the disruption may also vary in scope and duration from minimal to severe. Depending upon the scope of the disruption, SogoTrade may use remote operations or continue operations from outside the affected area. In either situation, we plan to resume normal operations and will notify you of any updates through the above communication methods. We have different planned recovery times depending on the severity of the SBD. Most of our plans call for recovery times within minutes to hours from the beginning of the disruption.

While no business continuity plan can eliminate all risk or delay resulting from an unexpected interruption in service, we continually assess, update, and test our plan to ensure that SogoTrade has taken the steps necessary to protect our clients. Our plan will be reviewed and updated and any modifications to our plan will be reflected in this Business Continuity Plan Statement, which will be posted on our website. For more information, you may contact us at 1-888-709-7646 or by email at [email protected].

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