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  • SogoTrade has served investors since 1986. Although we are known for our innovation and deep discounted commissions, our real value is providing the help and support you need to achieve your investing and trading goals.
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Manage your option strategies with our advanced multi-leg options trading platform. SogoTrade gives you a customizable and powerful options trading platform, built especially for the options trader.

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Streaming quotes, powerful analysis & risk management with fast execution in a highly-configurable platform. View option quotes, market data, analyze strategies, and execute your trade in your own way.

Low per contract
commission charge

Tools to help you evaluate the risk and reward of a trade

Pay only one base rate
for multi-leg orders

Free access to Options Play!
Test your option strategies before trading.

Use Options Play to identify new strategies and help you better assess the potential outcome of each strategy.

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Low-Cost Options Trading at SogoTrade

Option trades online are as low as $2.88 (base rate) plus $0.50 per contract:

  •  Option Trades
  • Qualifications 150+Trades/Qtr 0 -149 Trades/Qtr
    Online $2.88 (base rate) plus 50¢ per contract $4.88 (base rate) plus 50¢ per contract
    Broker-Assisted $25 (base rate) plus 50¢ per contract
    Options exercise/assignment $15

Customizable & Powerful Option
Trading Platform


Streaming & Customized
Option Chains

  • View Real-time Option Quotes and have complete control of the option chain layout.



  • Find out why so many traders love trading the "weekly's". The shorter expirations provide much appeal for speculation, but also represent an invaluable tool to manage risk and enhance income.

Powerful Risk Analysis

  • Graphically view the Greeks and P/L chart of your portfolio. Change time & volatility to view different risk scenarios.

Flexible Order Entry

  • Intuitive & Easy to Use features - a flexible interface lets you place basic or advanced order types directly from either the option chain or option trade page.

    Our Mission

  • At SogoTrade, we aim to decrease your risk while lowering your cost and maximizing your return. We seek to offer you the same product at a better price or a better product at the same price.
  • Review our background on FINRA's BrokerCheck.

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  • Nationwide Call Center
  •  US: 1-888-709-7646
  •  Outside US: 1-646-885-6594
  • Service Hours                    
  • Monday - Friday
  • 7am - 8pm ET